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Mission Statement

Leaders for Clean Air is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to improving Utah’s air quality by providing free electric vehicle charging stations to Utah businesses; implementing large-scale electric charger projects; and promoting the benefits of electric vehicle technology. Supported by local business leaders who recognize that workplace charging is the key to bending the curve on electric vehicle adoption, Leaders for Clean Air believes in making a positive impact on pollution levels to ensure cleaner air and a higher quality of life for all Utahns.


Packsize® CEO Hanko Kiessner decided to take on the battle for air quality in 2012. While building his business in Salt Lake City, he felt a personal moral and ethical responsibility to extend the principle of not doing business at the expense of others. In response to the poor air quality in Salt Lake City, Hanko made the decision to drive electric to reduce tailpipe emissions. As a way to promote this message, Hanko focused on expanding the available infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. He began by giving away free charging stations to business partners as a gift and message of goodwill. The program was so popular he decided to formalize it and make it available to all Utah businesses. To spread the word, he joined with two other business leaders, Steve Keyser and Talley Goodson, to form Leaders for Clean Air and launched the private-sector initiative on Jan 20, 2015. Their work spreads the virtue of electric charging to the entire community along the Wasatch Front by providing charging stations, consultations on charging management, and best practices for EV drivers at the workplace.

Key Board Members

Talley Goodson

Talley Goodson is Founder and CEO of 3form Inc. a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly commercial interior finishes. Under Talley’s leadership, 3form has created a new category of translucent resin architectural design materials, winning numerous industry awards and acclaim for its accomplishments in design, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 3form employs over 500 people with factories in Salt Lake, Seattle, and the Netherlands.

Talley is the founder of the Full Circle Foundation that engages in economic development and vocational training projects in Western Senegal, and the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Talley travels to Africa and Nepal frequently to work with artisans and support specific projects such as community gardens in Senegal.

Talley recently founded a fast-growing socially responsible fashion accessory and jewelry company, Color by Amber, which empowers women entrepreneurs and artisans around the world.

Prior to 3form, Talley held several senior management roles with FreeMarkets Inc., a technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA. He also worked five years with Mckinsey & Company, a leading management consulting company.

Talley holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Mathematics from Brigham Young University. Talley and his family enjoy a variety of wilderness and ocean activities. In June of 2016 climbed to the summit of Denali (20,320 ft) in Nepal with his older daughter.

As one of the founding members for Clean Air, Talley and other local business leaders are working towards creating better air quality in Utah through this nonprofit group. The group promotes electric vehicle use and the promotion of infrastructure to add 2000 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the Wasatch Front by 2017.