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bad air hurts business employee health, and utah's economy

OUR GOAL: 2,000 electric vehicle charging stations for 100,000 Wasatch Front employees by 2017.

Air Quality Forecast 

Everything you need to know about today's air quality in Salt Lake County from the Dept. of Environmental Quality.

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Help do more than just talk about air quality. Check out UDOT's TravelWise strategies for lifestyle changes you can make today.

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We're driving demand for cleaner air by paying it forward with electric.
To join the program, a Utah business leader simply agrees to install a Bosch electric vehicle charging (EVC) station at their business for employee use. Leaders for Clean Air provides this first EVC. Employee adoption happens fast. You will soon help the next company install their first EVC. Help us achieve our 2017 goal!

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What We Believe

Inversions can't be prevented, but pollution can.
With a unified vision to improve Utah's air quality, Leaders for Clean Air includes a group of Utah business leaders who are stepping up to provide the bottom line direction and incentive required to build value and demand for all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles in the local marketplace.

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Led by Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner, this growing alliance of Utah business leaders have agreed to offer emission-free commutes to their employees by installing electric vehicle charging stations at their business locations.

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If you are a Utah business leader wanting to install an electric vehicle charging station at your business location, please fill out the form.

If you are an employee who would like your company's management to consider joining Leaders for Clean Air, please fill out the form and we will take it from here.

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