Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my own electric vehicle charger?

Take your first step by signing up on our website, www.leadersforcleanair.org and join other companies who have already taken the initiative to improve Utah’s air quality.

When will I receive the charger?

Once you are committed to cleaning up Utah’s air by installing a charger, a Leaders for Clean Air representative will work with you to arrange delivery.

What kind of charger is it, what does it look like, and how big is it once installed?

Each Level 2 electric vehicle charger is a 240 volt, 16 amp (30 amp optional), Bosch Power Max™ with dimensions of 16”L x 14”W x 5”D. It looks like a small white box attached to a 5’ pole or pedestal*. Each charger has one 12’ cord to easily reach the electric vehicle.

*Some companies choose to mount their electric vehicle charging stations on single or dual pedestal mounts. These are available separately for purchase from various manufacturers, such as Legrand USA or Clipper Creek (CC pedestal pricing is approximately $434.00 MSRP).

How should we decide between a 16 or 30 amp charger?

It is our experience that either does a fine job. A 16 amp charger is best suited for the workplace, and that a 30 amp charger is more appropriate for those locations with greater visitor traffic, such as retail lots, street-side parking areas, parks, etc.

How do I join the cause?

By agreeing to install an EVC at your business for employee / customer use. To receive your first charger, Leaders for Clean Air only requires the commitment of your business to install the charger in a timely manner and to report satisfaction or dissatisfaction among your employee or customer base. If your business is satisfied, Leaders for Clean Air accepts a donation by the business so that a first charger can be given to the next interested business. In this way, your business helps the next company receive their own electric vehicle charger to try out. Checks payable to “Leaders for Clean Air,” a 501(C) 3 can be sent to: 6440 South Wasatch Blvd., Suite 305, SLC, UT 84121; or make a donation via PayPal.

Can we receive more than one charger?

Yes. While Leaders for Clean Air provides the first charger on a free trial basis, for additional pledges of $430 or $550, Leaders for Clean Air will provide additional chargers.

Do I have to install the charger myself?

No. You may call any electrician to install it at your business. Leaders for Clean Air can also recommend several qualified electricians in the Salt Lake Valley who are able to give a quote once they receive details of your installation.

Who pays for the installation charges?

Your business pays for any installation charges. Leaders for Clean Air provides only the electric vehicle charger.

Is it an easy process to install?

It is as easy as installing and running a clothes dryer.

Who pays for the electricity used and how much does it cost to charge a vehicle each day?

You or your landlord will pay for the electicity charges. The cost is approximately $2.50 per day.

What if I don’t own my building?

You will need to discuss a plan with your building manager.

How much does it cost to donate?

To build and encourage program adoption, Leaders for Clean Air encourages donations of any amount. Pledges of $550 or more help the next company receive their own electric vehicle charger. Together we are proving that it is possible to plug-in to a cleaner Wasatch.

Do I have to advertise to the public that my company has a charger?

No, you can keep this information private and you and your landlord can determine a schedule for availability, possibly deciding to turn off the charger(s) on weekends and holidays.